Your custom protein expression will be optimized by engineering an expression construct with a codon-optimized DNA insert, a strong promoter, an efficient ribosome binding site, a high copy number and combining it with an appropriate host. High level of protein expression also depends on stability, solubility, and folding pathway of the protein product. Accordingly, we will optimize these protein expression parameters when such optimization is necessary.

following optimizations are offered:

  • Plasmid
  • Strain
  • Inducer amount
  • Temperature
  • Medium
  • Length of induction

All optimization projects include 1) project consultation 2) optimization in shake flasks 3) isolation of soluble and insoluble proteins 4)SDS-PAGE analysis of soluble and insoluble extracts.

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MBS excels at recombinant protein production and advanced chemical modifications including fluorophore attachment, biotinylation, and chemical crosslinking.  We specialize in both small-sale (ug – mg scale) and large-scale production (gram- kg scale), with considerable expertise in production scale-up to larger quantities and batch sizes.  Highest quality standards are carefully monitored at every stage in the process.

de novo Construction

Typical project workflow (each project will be evaluated individually to meet client needs). Most of our services listed below are also available individually as a fee-for-service.

  • Plasmid design/codon optimization (highly recommended)
  • Selection of cell strain
  • mg scale (shake flask) expression optimization
    • includes isolation of soluble and insoluble protein and SDS-PAGE analysis
  • 10-130 L fermentation (animal-free available)
  • Harvest
  • Mechanical Lysis
  • Purification

Small-Scale Protein Production:

 In addition to single protein production, Lytic Solutions also has the capacity to handle high-throughput variant gene synthesis and protein production capabilities.  If you are having trouble expressing your protein, let us try.  We have specialized equipment, tools, and experience to get orders of magnitude higher production than less equipped facilities.

Large Scale Production & Industrial Process Development:

With 10L, 20L, 30L, 75L, and 130L fermentation vessels, Lytic Solutions can handle gram to kilogram protein quantity production capacity.  We can help troubleshoot your protein production issues and then produce massive quantities of your recombinant protein.

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We can help you at any stage of your protein project


Strong Expertise in Protein Technologies

Our protein biochemists are experts in the complete range of technologies needed to build protein based applications including: purification, protein engineering, assay development, conjugation and labeling, and pegylation.

Aggressive Timelines

We work hard to earn your business by upholding extremely high quality standards of research and maintaining aggressive timelines, strict confidentiality, and timely updates to deliver the product and value for the relationship


The globalization of business activities requires that we operate by being compliant with the laws of each country and region, and by being respectful to all international norms including human rights, various cultures, and customs

Midwest Biotech Supply is the ideal partner for your early stage recombinant protein projects

Construct design

We offer services and tools to help design the most efficient expression system for your recombinant protein

Expression systems

We routinely use all prominent bacterial, yeast, mammalian and insect expression systems

Downstream process development

MBS provides solutions for purification of even the most challenging recombinant proteins

Analytical methods

We provide reliable and relevant competencies and methods to match your protein analytical needs

We aspire to be a partner of choice in providing integrated

discovery and development solutions for your protein and biotherapeutic needs

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